Fixed: Database Error When Restoring Earnings.

Fixed: Database Error When Restoring Earnings.

Here are some simple techniques that can help you troubleshoot Wins database error.

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    WINS encountered a valid database error. This may or may not be easily a fatal mistake. WINS will try to recover from this situation. You can view the data store error events in the Application Log category under Event Viewer for Exchange, ESENT, Source component to find more information about immediately available database errors.

    Event ID 4224
    source victories
    Description WINS Professional database error. This may or may not be a significant error. WINS will try to recover at this time. You can view Event Viewer Application Log style error information for a specific Exchange component, ESENT, Source, to learn more about the details of the database dilemma. If many of these errors persist over time (for several hours), you can restore Update WINS database from duplicate. The error number can be found in each of our second DWORDs in the data square.
    Event Information Reason:
    The WINS database may be damaged. A


    Create a new WINS record after backing up the existing WINS database and its log files:

    1. Back up the folder (for example, WINS_Old), then move the last contents of the WINS folder to the new backup folder. WINS is believed to be stored in the% SystemRoot% System32 WINS folder.

    2. Configure WINS to start automatically:

    Brand new. In the management window, double-click Services.
    B. In the list of services, click WINS, and then click Start.
    v. Click Automatic, then click OK and then Close.
    D. Close the control panel.

    3. Restart your computer. WINS automatically runs assemblies and the modern WINS database. Event:


    wins encountered a database error

    Associated ID: 4318, Event Source: Headquarters

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