Windows Firewall Blocking Solution By Country

Windows Firewall Blocking Solution By Country

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    If you have Windows Country Firewall Lock on your PC, this blog post might help you fix the problem.

    Many clients ask me what they can get to protect against countries where most people don’t want to connect to their work or home network because they know those countries and / or the threat they pose, there is nothing to do. last hack.

    A simple zero cost solution still exists with your Windows system. Windows Firewall can be used to fix this very quickly in a situation with distributed country IP tables and PowerShell.

    Block Country IP Addresses In Windows Firewall Using PowerShell

    Step 5. Create a directory in which the PowerShell and PowerShell scripts will run. Example: only: c: ip-security

    Step Download the PowerShell script Import-Firewall-Blocklist.ps1 from http://www.gregsitservices.com/ip-security/ip-security-package to your C: ip-security folder.

    Step 3. Go to http://www.ipdeny.com/ipblocks/ and download the CIDR IP tables in the country format where you really want to access your Windows system. To the right of the directory, you can access the “aggregated spaces file” for each country. Click on it directly and you will see a directory of IP-addresses. Right click and save the file in C: ip-security directory in simple format. IT IS IMPORTANT.

    Example. Basically, save the china in china.zone.txt so that when you update one of our zone files, most of the old rules you created will be removed. You can get larger data (left) if you want, but the aggregated scopes are activity based.

    1. CHINA (CN) (save as china.zone.txt)
    2. KOREA, PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC (KP) As (excluding north korea.zone.txt)
    3. RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RU) As (Russia.zone.Run save txt)

    Step 4. PowerShell as Administrator (Right-click PowerShell and select Run as Administrator).

    Step 5. Enter “PowerShell quotes.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass” if the script policy is executed using PowerShell so that the program can create Windows Firewall Rules.

    Step 6. Start by entering the zones according to the Windows of your firewall. Option 1 is considered for older versions of PowerShell. If option 1 fails, also use option 2.

    windows firewall block by country

    Step 7. As a precaution, we return PowerShell back. to the “Restricted access to scripts” mode, as shown below. Enter PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Restricted without quotes .Es

    So … I suggest the client save your zone files so that you can easily update them by overwriting them. I would tell these people that a client is attacked once a month. Below you can see what the rules look like in Windows Internal Firewall. Note

    Note. The names of the rules will most likely look like this: china.zone- # 001, etc. For this reason, it was important to overwrite the file name (china.zone.txt) in the future so that new messages can be overwritten and deleted as soon as possible. time frame to save time and effort. -84 “>

    Windows Firewall Zone Rules

    How To Delete Zones In Windows Firewall Using PowerShell

    Below you will find out how to removeSynonyms using zone files and scripts.

    • http://lite.ip2location.com/ I personally use it to select multiple formats for a wide variety of applications and / or operating systems.

    If someone is worried about being hacked by people in certain countries, you can actually block the entire range of IP addresses used in those countries. This short tutorial walks you through creating and importing a list of IP ranges to be populated by Windows Firewall. It should be able to block inbound and outbound web traffic. Hopefully this will avoid being hacked or prevent your data from being displayed if you are hacked yourself now. The download is already spreading to China, Russia and Iran, which have reportedly been massively hacked. This process is not as easy as it is with Linux, and it is legal not only in some countries (for example, the USA). If you can do it safely with Windows Firewall, please use the contact page.

    Keep in mind that this will block all Internet connections to the specified countriesus in and out of them. This can cause problems if you do not need contact lenses from countries that you banned. An example would be a case where you block good china, but later you need another software update from a server all over China. You will need to uninstall or deactivate the software in order to receive the update. You might not want to block all IP ranges if you have a great public website and need to give yourself access to all of them. Removing the IP address will not stop anyone in the country you banned as long as those people are using a proxy server in a specific authorized country. To the best of your personal firewall’s knowledge, the connection will be from a trusted country.

    Please note that Sans.org is the originator of the revoked newsletter used for this process. I just deleted all other unnecessary files that were not needed for the process below. The files used in this unique guide are just a small selection of what was included in the entire download zki. Check out his blog for more advanced tips.

    • Download and unzip the folded file with the script and list limit.
    • Start PowerShell and run the following command to open unsigned scripts: set-executionpolicy remotesigned
    • Enter Y allow on market in the above command and exit PowerShell.
    • Go to the purchased folder, unzip it and find usually a text file called BlockList.txt. You can remove or apply countries as needed. I have China, Russia, Iran, etc. If you just want to use the traditional list, you can skip these special steps below. Add to countries did the following:
      1. Open the BlockList.txt file in a text editor (such as Notepad).
      2. Start # with China only and press Enter to move the list down one line. This way you can insert a new block IP address.
      3. Start a new line with the pound sign and the entire IP country you want to specify (for example, # UK). The script ignores everything on the line after the # sign when entering the firewall (see BlockList.txt inas an example).
      4. After starting the new header, click on the country to create a blank line for the new list of IP addresses.
      5. Visit http://ipinfodb.com/ip_country_block.php#blocklist and select the country of your choice.
      6. Copy the entire link to the list of IP addresses generated by the website.
      7. Paste the copied my BlockList.txt file into the #Country list you created. Don’t worry about the gap between the permanent IP address and the next dot. You can add # to allow the list.
      8. Repeat this as many times as necessary until you have almost added the countries you want.
      9. Save and close the corresponding text file.
    • Go back to the downloaded and unzipped file, then find the script called Import-Firewall-Blocklist.ps1. Right-click the file you want and select Run with PowerShell.
    • That’s all. You can see the activity in the PowerShell window. After PowerShell finishes in close proximity.

    windows firewall block by country

    You can now check in your software if records have been created. For each firewall rule, there isThere are 25 entries, so you can create many rules depending on the number of countries where you added vulnerabilities.

    To separate the entries you have created from lime, simply turn off the firewall, check the blacklisted hints and select Delete (red on the right).

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
  • Step 3: Review the results and take action if needed

  • Speed up your PC now with this easy and free download.

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