Best Way To Fix VMware Protection Error On Windows 95

Best Way To Fix VMware Protection Error On Windows 95

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    Today’s user guide was created to help you if you are getting Windows 95-vmware protection error. Identify Windows protection errors. Windows protection error. Windows error message that appears when the activation system has problems with a specific device driver. This term has been viewed 5168 times.

    Hopefully you’re talking about installing VM Tools, not installing an operating system, right? But still I would like to know what is the frequency of Windows95. Discs 5 and 6 that I insert. Is it convenient to use the Windows 95 installation disc for something else? I may not feel like an IT expert (although I’ve still been working with servers for over 20 years!) But of course VMware is pretty darn complicated!

    I thought that with what I learned in the first install, now I will definitely install it on a lot more computers without any problems, but I was wrong.

    The multicomputer is older than Dell due to the AMD 64 processor, which isAlso works under Windows 7, but I’m getting around 1st place! I can’t quickly set up 95 win by running the original fdisk format and c: hard drive. I’ve always wondered which letter to choose: some – D;, some – R:. In fact, I get a “non-system or possibly hard drive failure” message that I have never received before, and yet I am following the same “work” procedure as on another laptop or computer. Office! I think that if I have similar problems, I will turn to other software like VM Box or others!

    I appreciate your help. This is only possible if I cannot fix it on the second computer alone, I will post again on this skills forum with more specific conclusions on the problems I have always encountered.

    You should use VMware Player for Windows 95 because it is officially beneficial. Here’s another form to install it:

    • DOS on weak or on image (.flp, .img)
    • Windows CD 89
    • VMware player (free), probably VirtualPC (I recommend VMware)
    • MagicIso (free enoughoh trial)
    • a copy similar to MSCDEX.EXE and oakcdrom.sys (both available online)

    1. Create a new training virtual machine (remember to add the low image size disk if you are using VMware).
    2. Insert a DOS floppy / DOS image to mount and install DOS.
    3. Download the free version of MagicIso. Run it and go to More -> Floppy -> 1.44

      1. Find the backup mscdex.exe and oakcdrom. (Standard sys driver for CD that works with DOS. (You can try another if the application doesn’t work)
      2. Rename oakcdrom.sys with link to cdrom.sys
      3. Drag these two MagicIso files into the subdrive we just created.
      4. Save file
      5. Close MagicIso
      6. Find the file we just saved in Explorer and update the extension from .ima to .flp (if you’re using VMware), optionally .img (if you’re using VirtualPC). (If you don’t see the extensions, you will need to change the folder options to see how the extensions come back)
    4. Go to your virtual machine and mount the floppy image as well which we actually created. Run the following mscdex commands:

      windows 95 protection error vmware

        a: ncopier.exe c: ncopy cdrom.sys c: n 
    5. Find config.sys on someone’s C drive. Type:



      Add the line:

        device = c:  cdrom.sys / d: mscd001 

      Exit or save

    6. Find autoexec.bat on drive C. Enter:



      Now add a line that says this

        c:  mscdex.exe / d: mscd001 

      Exit and save

    7. Reboot the personal or virtual machine

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    9. Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
    10. Step 2: Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
    11. Step 3: Review the results and take action if needed

    Now switch to C on your drive and enter the following:

      mscdex.exe: / d: mscd001 / M: 5 / V / L: d / S / K 

    (this name / M: x refers to the number of buffers available to your reader. it’s 4 or 5. usually 5)

  • Create a blank floppy image in VMware or sometimes MagicIso and then mount it yourself. Insert the Windows 95 CD into the CD and type:

      d: nsetup.exe 
  • How to fix Windows 95 protection error?

    Reboot your computer. From the Windows 95 Start Screen, select Safe Mode, Command Prompt Only.After the system has finished booting, you should see the C: > prompt.System after entering the command on your computer.

    It can now run Windows 95

  • You are likely to have problems trying to do something to install others Ivers for the reason that you will be asked if Windows floppies will work, even if you use the CD version a lot. You can find some of these drivers on the main Windows 95b CD when you have them all, as they are all in .Pickup-Truck-Cab files (you will need to uninstall them one by one and insert the images from the floppy. in them. to accompany).

    I just loaded the Windows 95 CD drivers trying again and again, but it worked. It might be because I didn’t install the system after I inserted the Windows 92 CD.

    windows 95 protection error vmware

    Make sure Windows 95 sees a real CD-ROM drive. If not, have them invoke the Add New Hardware Wizard in the control panel and see if it detects it.

    (Note: I first tried without installing DOS and buying fdisk and formatting, and also manually using the autoexec.bat and config.Files systems, although I had similar errors until I installed DOS the first time)

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