Error Connecting To Local Server Failed To Troubleshoot

Error Connecting To Local Server Failed To Troubleshoot

Over the past few weeks, a number of our readers have reported that they have encountered an error like when unable to connect to local server.

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    The mec server service status is started and the startup type is automatic

    the server service terminated unexpectedly. Executed 2176 times. The following corrective action will be taken after 60,000 milliseconds: Restart the service. More information can be found in the Help and Support Center at



    I restarted the whole The Dude Server service in the system tray, rebooted my computer, reinstalled Dude

    I’m having trouble setting up Mikroteks The Dude on a big Windows 10 PC. The program installs easily, but when I open it I just can’t connect to these local hosts, I just get a text message “Unable to connect” with the code errors including 10061

    the dude error connection to local server failed

    Typically, I authorized the program through Windows Firewall, but the problem persists.

    Do any of you know the solution to the article problem?

    Beta 4.x has a service for creating a client. The newest version 5.x is just a client and a person basically needs toStart the dude’s service through a cloud router or router, connect and connect to the remote service with the local one so you can run it with the client.

    A few weeks ago I was very excited when I saw the new 5.x version of The Dude. I installed the client first for my desktop and then on the unlikely Windows server … Oops. I jumped over and installed toy 4.x using export / save settings and restored. I’m going to install and let the cloud router run 1 gig ports, but time / money.

    Organizations in different places use the mikrotik dude server and client to monitor programs. It was a really cheap server and client for over five years on a nice fancy laptop that was out of breath from the previous one shortly after a power outage that damaged the hard drive. So yeah, Mikrotik The Dude was clearly dead at the scene. Fortunately, a definitely very smart and capable young partner managed to save Dude from untimely death through conservation tactics and therefore recovery.

    Even if on the previous laptop, on which the Mikrotik The Dude server and client had a critical system hard disk failure, it was possible to access the hard disk and additionally run ChkDsk and Defrag from the Hiren Boot CD / USB help. Hiren’s BootCD is a very popular item that allows you to run Win XP directly from a CD and also, in my case, a USB stick for troubleshooting, recovery, etc. It was a good time to log in one last time. when you bought the laptop and also to run The Dude to export all current configuration and database as described in this article.

    The operation to backup and restore baby boomers was to download a .tgz backup file and re-release it to a new file from The Dude, which now runs on a new Windows Ten machine. It’s important to note that The Dude version is great for backups and restores. Initial recovery attempts failed because the wrong versions of Dude the Extreme and Client were frequently loaded. Mikrotik download does not include the version of The Dude Server and Client, which is valid I worked on a laptop. Don’t dude versions may run on Windows PCs from time to time. Consequently, version 3.6 of The Dude, which usually includes both server clients, was downloaded from Tom’s hardware.

    However, the Dude 3.6 model also turned out to be the wrong version when trying to restore the exported backup as it was the Dude version running on your broken laptop, version 4.0 Beta 3. Fortunately, The Dude 4. Beta Three 3 was available for download at MajorGeeks.

    the dude error connection to local server failed

    Upgrading Dude from 3.6 to 4 Beta 3 previously required a server downtime because the installation was mounted and a restart was required. After restarting The Version Dude, some Beta 3s were installed without any random problems. Shortly thereafter, the exported backup.tgz file was successfully imported and The Dude woke up with Windows 10. However, the luck that led to this was short-lived and the local network card was immediately lost. … While checking the services, the device ping service indicated a local problem. The temporary ping from The Dude application failed and executingping with the name of the Windows 10 web hosting provider to the same IP address was successful. Disabling Windows Firewall did not help for long. Changing the network profile from public to domain or private no longer helped. It definitely helped to change the host IP.

    Ultimately, this post on the main Mikrotik forum addresses exactly each of our problems that we encountered after restoring The Dude Export / Import.

    Why Can’t I Ping My Network ?! (in Dude 4.0)

    I have a problem typical of 4.0beta2.
    Each echo request fails with a cryptic Local Problem message.

    I have configured 4.0beta2 on a system that is not already running The Dude – Windows Server 2008R2.
    I have settings installed since 3.6 on a fancy system (although I don’t think this is relevant).

    Below is the “Dude” error:

    This is such a bad ping.
    ping – local problem.jpg (32.87 KiB) Views: 24543

    The following shows require a string ping to work (up to the incredibly same device):

    This is a command line called ping working.
    cmd ping – travaux.jpg (23.14 KiB) 24,543 views

    For deletion only:

    • bank account has administrator rights.
    • The

    • issue also occurs when Windows Firewall is disabled.
    • the protocol trace shows that no ICMP messages are coming from the host, * except * when actually pinging from the command line.

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  • I can’t find an explanation for the “local problem” error, so I don’t know how to fix it.

    Dude Ping’s “Local Problem” solution was originally posted as an alternative to weakening UAC. Please note that disabling UAC in Windows 10 is still a hassle. The alternative currently was the solution:

    I may have answered my own question. There is a choice that disables UAC completely.

    When I found the executable (c: Program Files (x86) Dude dude.exe)
    right mouse
    Select Properties
    Click the Compatibility tab
    Then see the “How to Make This Program a Better Administrator” section.
    As soon as I restart The Dude (client and server – maybe after a restart?)

    So, Mikrotik is watching Dude live again in his new house withWindows 10, and almost everything is green … bye 🠙 ‚

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    This is the “ping” that goes away from the guy.
    ping problem local.jpg (32.KiB) eighty-eight hits 24543 times
    This is a command line ping.
    cmd ping – works.jpg (23.14 KiB) viewed 24,543 times

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    Oshibka Chuvaka Ne Udalos Podklyuchitsya K Lokalnomu Serveru
    O Erro Cara De Conexao Com O Servidor Local Falhou
    De Dude Foutverbinding Met De Lokale Server Is Mislukt
    로컬 서버에 대한 친구 오류 연결이 실패했습니다
    L Erreur De Connexion Au Serveur Local A Echoue
    El Tipo De Error Fallo La Conexion Al Servidor Local
    Il Tizio Errore Di Connessione Al Server Locale Non Riuscito
    Blad Kolego Nie Powiodlo Sie Polaczenie Z Lokalnym Serwerem
    Anslutningen Till Den Lokala Servern Misslyckades
    Die Dude Fehler Verbindung Zum Lokalen Server Ist Fehlgeschlagen