Best Way To Not Delete Icon Or Taskbar When Starting XP

Best Way To Not Delete Icon Or Taskbar When Starting XP

If you have no icons or taskbar when you start XP on your PC, we hope this article will help you solve this problem.

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    When the Start menu appears, right-click on the Start menu and select Properties. Then go to the “Taskbar” tab, uncheck “Auto-hide the taskbar” and click “OK”.

    A program called explorer.exe controls the display of its own taskbar and desktop icon. If it’s lost for some reason (you’d probably end it with the task manager, for example, or remove something scarier, like a virus). remove them from your processes), then try our :


    1. Open Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and click Task Manager).
    2. On the Concepts tab, click New Task in the lower right corner of the window.
    3. Type explorer.exe and click OK.

    If nothing ominous has caused it all to go, everything should be repackaged as before, and you and your family can panic, breathe easy, and get on with your work.

    1. Open Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then click Task Manager).
    2. Go to the Processes tab.
    3. Click on the heading of the “Name” column in the image to sort the list alphabetically.
    4. Search for every single explorer.exe process. Select – each, then complete the process for each.
    5. In all application tabs, click New dacha” in the lower right corner of the window.
    6. Type explorer.exe and click OK.

    no icons or taskbar on startup xp

    Update: June 11, 2008 I have found that SnagIt sometimes causes my taskbar to disappear. I’ve noticed this when there are many trusted windows open and it looks like I’m trying to capture and SnagIt “freezes”. Using Task Manager to shutdown and restart Snagit brings up my taskbar frequently. Of course, if you haven’t installed SnagIt yet, this won’t solve the problem!

    How do I fix missing icons in the taskbar and Start menu?

    Disable tablet mode.Restart Windows Explorer.Clear the app icon cache.Delete temporary files.Reinstall taskbar apps. Run the SFC command.

    Update: August 8, 2008: This is still happening with SnagIt 9… I thought they fixed the problem.

    How do I get my start bar back to the bottom Windows XP?

    Click on an empty part of the taskbar.While holding down the main rabbit button, drag the rabbit pointer to where on the screen you want to create the new taskbar.After moving the mouse tip to the location on the touch screen where you want to place the taskbar, release the mouse button.

    Update: August 18, 2008: About a week ago I went to the SnagIt A tech manual and got the suggested solution as well. I haven’t tried it yet.

    Disable any SnagIt extension wrapper to see if that helps:

    1. Close all open programs. To
    2. Select Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
    3. Find the list of Snagit Ones and click the Edit button.
    4. Select Edit and click Next.
    5. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Wind Explorer menu extensionows, then select Not all features will be available.
    6. Click next and follow the wizard frequently.

    no icons or taskbar on startup xp

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