Troubleshooting Tips The Nikon D5000 Folder Does Not Contain Image Errors.

Troubleshooting Tips The Nikon D5000 Folder Does Not Contain Image Errors.

If you’re getting an error about a Nikon D5000 folder containing no images, today’s guide has been created to help you.

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    1 answer. This usually means that your camera’s card writing option is faulty and you need to let them send it in for repair. Nikon will sometimes return it with the message “Recorder replaced” or “Internal system error resolved”.


    If the message “Folder contains only images” indicates a memory card error in your Nikon camcorder, do the following:

    Plug in your memory card

    In addition to video files, photos are usually successfully saved to the memory card in digital and SLR cameras. If the memory card is not connected to the camera type, a different error message may appear.

    nikon d5000 folder contains no images error

    In this case, connect the memory card to the camera or check the connection if it is already connected.

    Disconnect and reconnect the memory card

    nikon d5000 folder contains no images error

    If a memory card error occurs, remove it from the camera. Before that, do not forget to turn off the verse. After removing the memory card from the slot, make sure that its contacts are no longer damaged or dirty.

    What does file contains no image data mean?

    If you get a certain message “File does not contain image data” after viewing files on a PC, sometimes it is because various viewers and editors are ADDING information to the old file. A simple test to see if an SD card is corrupted is to insert it into a computer and see if you can read all those files.

    Insert an SD memory card into the appropriate slot on each camera.

    Unlock memory card

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  • Make sure the memory card is not closed. Make sure the memory card switch (for SD cards) is in the unlocked (up) position.

    Otherwise, if the memory card is unlocked and the error message says it is locked, you need to format the memory card type.

    Format memory card

    If disconnecting and reconnecting the memory cardIf this does not solve the problem, format the card. Before formatting, be sure to repeat all the files from there on another media, as formatting will delete all files from the current memory card.

    If formatting fails, the memory card may be defective and should be replaced.

    Take low resolution photos or videos

    How do I transfer photos from my Nikon d5000 to my computer?

    Connect the camera to this computer with a USB cable. The required cable is included with the camera.Use a Visa card reader. With a card reader, your company simply removes the memory card from the camera and inserts it into a dedicated card reader.

    If your camera is about to stop capturing/writing while capturing video and displaying a severe error message, this may indicate a slow memory read/write speed. This speed can only be low due to camera overheating and speed performance limitation.

    In this case, our company recommends reducing the resolution of the images you shoot or the DVDs you create.

    Clean or replace the memory card

    The camera may display an error when the internal/greeting card memory is full. In the menu, the camera changes settings so that personal recordings are saved to memory cards rather than to the camera’s internal secure digital memory. Migrate or clean up files from vaultsand an account to a computer to continue working.

    Try testing your memory card on another device

    If a valid memory card is not recognized by the camera, please connect it to another camera or device to make sure it works properly with it.

    Use the latest memory card compatible with your camera

    The error may represent an actual event related to the insertion of an incompatible memory card. Replace this memory card with one that is compatible with this camera and meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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<p>                        D5000 (there are no error images in the folder!)                    </p>
<p>May 28, 2010                                            </p>
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