How Do I Deal With The Library Error, Unable To Create Device Node?

How Do I Deal With The Library Error, Unable To Create Device Node?

Over the past few weeks, some readers have encountered a library error error code while creating a device node. There are a number of factors causing this problem. We’ll look at them now.

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    We are still trying to host our Storage Tek CSM200_R on a new Solaris Ten server and we are having problems setting up Controlled with cfgadm. In any case, the server is like a Qlogic Fiber switch like Storage Tek. We can see the exact structure and WWNs of the controller, but when we run -c cfgadm configure c2, we imagine the following output:

    cfgadm: library error: unable to create device node: 201400a0b848a61c: invalid argument

    The devices are labeled cfgadm -al, but obviously they are not explicitly configured.

    I am using Solaris 8 / Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup 7.4.3 on a Sun Fire V440. The local library I’m having trouble with is a solid STK L180 10xLTO2 connected to FC that suffers from disks.

    Our L180 had three drives out of order a few days ago, so a technician replaced them. While there, a WWN feature was included in the L180, which created static WWNs for study and readers. Works well, we wouldn’t have to reconfigure a failed disk even once.

    After the WWN change, we started reconfiguring well and got access to everything through cfgadm.

    All disks are mapped to / dev / rmt / and we can access them without any problem.

    c4 :: 500104f000595f9a, 0 unknown configured attached cartridge

    c4 :: 500104f000595fa0,0 tied to unknown customized ribbon

    c4 :: 500104f000595fa6.0 Connected tape configured unknown

    c4 :: 500104f000595fac, 0 pin strip made unknown

    c4 :: 500104f000595fb2,0 connected entry set unknown

    c6 :: 500104f000595f97.0 connected drug changer compiled unknown

    c6 :: 500104f000595f9d, 0 construct connected to unknown cassette

    c6 :: 500104f000595fa3.0 glue connected configured unknown

    c6 :: 500104f000595fa9.0 Unknown configured pin strip

    c6 :: 500104f000595faf, 0 unknown pin strip configured

    c6 :: 500104f000595fb5,0 tape in contact was built unknown [/ code]

    Entries were added to /usr/kernel/drv/lus.conf and the poll was started. Basically we could see all the procedures and the library well.

    library error failed to create device node

    [email protected]: STK L180 0317 | Bookstore (jukeboxat)

    Serial number: MPC51001930

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  • WWNN = 500104F000595F96

    WWPN = 500104F000595F97

    PORT = 0000001

    However, when I run jbconfig or jbconfig -b it seems like it hangs forever as it ultimately fails with this syslog message:

    scsi: [ID 799468 kern.info] possibly lus33 in fp3: Name w500104f000595f97,0, Bushaus 6d0108

    The problem with error reporting is robotics. I tried to configure the port and they failed.

    cfgadm: library error: unable to create method node: 500104f000595f97: I / O error

    Pos Port_ID Port hard_addr WWN WWN Node Type

    0 6d0108 0 500104f000595f97 500104f000595f96 0x8 (intermediate filter)

    1 6d0255 6d0055 500104f000595fb5 500104f000595fb4 0x1 (tape drive)

    2 6d0355 6d0055 500104f000595faf 500104f000595fae 0x1 (tape drive)

    3 6d0455 6d0055 500104f000595fa9 500104f000595fa8 0x1 (tape drive)

    4 6d0555 6d0055 500104f000595fa3 500104f000595fa2 0x1 (tape drive)

    5 6d0755 6d0055 500104f000595f9d 500104f000595f9c 0x1 (tape drive)

    6 6d0000 0 210100e08b31106c 200100e08b31106c 0x1f (unknown type, host bus adapter)

    This worked before we started the WWN feature on every L180. It is as if cfgadm with troudom found problems in the library itself.

    The technology is coming tomorrow to rule out hardware issues, and I can ask it to run this feature without WWN so we can see if it’s causing problems for people today.

    We’ll also see replacing the MCB card, a specific library and possibly an HBA on the server.

    I turned the archive off and back on, reconfigured, reconfigured, reconfigured the server, configured the HBA, reinstalled Networker, etc., etc …

    Thanks in advance.

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