Help Fix Ms_dos Bit Subsystem Error

Help Fix Ms_dos Bit Subsystem Error

If you are getting an ms_dos Bit subsystem error, today’s guide has been written to help you.

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    If these excellent files become corrupted and appear in Windows, the program may not install or start (stop working) or cause an error related to the “16-bit MS-DOS subsystem”. This error may indicate that “The installer file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.”

    Error message “Platform file is not suitable for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications” regarding “autoexec.nt”, however “config.nt” file(s) may appear on 32-bit Windows. workstation cocomputer (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or even XP) when trying to run or install a 16-bit MS-DOS application. (64-bit Windows operating systems do not support many applications.)

    This guide provides instructions on how to fix the following types of errors when you try to run or install a Windows program:

    bit ms_dos subsystem

    “16-bit MS-DOS subsystem
    config.nt. The system list is not suitable for MS-DOS applications and Microsoft Windows applications. Select “Close” to exit the application. MS-DOS”

    “16-bit subsystem
    Path to the program you want to run or install
    C:WindowsSystem32config.nt The system file is invalid because MS-DOS is running and Microsoft Windows is being used. Select “Close” to close the specific app.”

    “16-bit MS-DOS subsystem
    Path to the program to try to run and install
    config.nt The system file may not be suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Select “Close” to restore the app.”

    “16-bit MS-DOS subsystem
    Path to the specific program you are trying to run or install
    C:WindowsSystem32Autoexec.nt System startup is not suitable for using MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Select “Close” to exit the application.”

    How To Develop A Strategy. This Plan: The System File Is Not Suitable For Running MS-DOS Programs.

    Solution 1: Change environment variables.

    Some MS-DOS programs don’t work because the Variable Value field in the Environment Variables properties has a long file path. The first plan for dealing with the “system file is in no way suitable for MS-DOS or Windows executable applications” is to provide a specific shorter filename path for temporary files. For this:

    1. Press the Windows + r keys simultaneously to open the current Run command window.
    2. Run in command mode: checkmark, additional system properties, press enter.

    5. Also click OK.

    6. Then select the TMP value, click and edit.
    7. Set the (usually) target value of the variable to C:WindowsTemp
    8. Click OK twice to close all windows.

    9. Try installing or re-launching the program in the path that callsA problem with a system file, which is not necessarily the case.

    Solution 2: Restore or recreate any necessary files.

    The “The system file is not suitable to run MS-DOS applications” problem can easily occur if any of the following files are missing, corrupted, or not found in the entire %systemroot% System32 folder:

  • Autoexec.nt
  • Command.com
  • Config.nt
  • For Windows 7 or Vista: You can try copying “Autoexec.nt” and “Config.nt” from another working electronic computer (with the same version of Windows) and copying to a new “config.nt”, create and Folder ” autoexec .nt” with notepad.

    2. Select File > Save As
    .3. In the File name field, enter config.nt
    4. Change the “Save As” type from “All” to “Files” and save the file in the C:WindowsSystem32 directory.

    5. Restart your computer.

    2. How to move File > Save As
    3. In the File name field, enter autoexec.nt
    as usual.4. Change the file type to All and Files and save the file in the last directory C:WindowsSystem32.

    bit ms_dos subsystem

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    Is DOS 8 bit or 16-bit?

    MS-DOS and Windows prior to Windows 3.0 were 16-bit coupon codes. With the introduction of the Intel 80386 processor in Windows 3.11, there was a real opportunity to purchase 32-bit processing, making some of the operating system’s virtues faster and more efficient.

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    If you are trying to install MS-DOS or a 16-bit Windows program on your Windows XP computer, you canyou will get an error principle like this:

    16-bit MS-DOSSubsystem path to your program you are trying to run or install C:WindowsSystem32config.ntThe system entry is not suitable to start AND ms-dosMicrosoft WindowsPrograms. Select “Close” to exit the app.

    You may encounter other similar error messages, but with different filenames.config.nt and Autoexec.nt. This issue may occur if one or more of the following files are missing or corrupted:

    Is DOS 16-bit or 32-bit?

    Classic DOS is a special 16-bit operating system. @Peter Cordes: DPMI can provide a standard interface for PM-DOS programs (usually 32-bit ones).


    Restoring Missing Files

    To restore the files, download the three files above here. Unpack, but also copy the missing onesWindowsSystem32 file(s) in file. Additional information, articleError message when installing or configuring MS-DOS or 16-bitProgram for Windows

    This recent issue is most likely caused by a Trojan horse (probably TrojanDownloader.Win32.Dia.a).it appears to be one of the three of his files mentioned above. Link: SeeBitowy Podsystem Ms Dos
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