Help Fix Attached File – Invalid Sql Error

Help Fix Attached File – Invalid Sql Error

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    Sometimes your computer may generate an error code indicating that the attached file is invalid SQL. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    Good time! I’m creating a post that should generate an automated email called Claims Tagged Yesterday. I did what calls the job and created a job store to get the data which in turn is when excel starts. When I try to run our job that I created we get this error:

    Msg 22051, Level 16, State 1, Line 0
    Attached file C:Claims with tag MMS 20141013111305AM.xls is not valid.

    I wonder where this error occurred. I have tried other possible solutions but today I am getting the same error. I also thought that maybe I’m far from having access to create and paste files on the server.

    DECLARE @MONTH CHAR(2)DECLARATION @DATENOW CHAR(40)DECLARE @YEAR CHAR(4)DECLARATION @DAY CHAR(2)WILL ANNOUNCINGb @HOUR CHAR(20)DECLARATION @MINUTES CHAR(2)DECLARATION @SECONDS CHAR(2)DECLARATION @AMPM CHAR(2)DECLARATION @FILENAME CHAR(100)DECLARATION @FILEGEN VARCHAR(255)DECLARATION @SUBJECTDATE VARCHAR(100)DECLARATION @AUTHID VARCHAR(15)DECLARATION @RESPONSECODE VARCHAR(10)SELECT @MONTH = SUBSTRING(CONVERT(CHAR(10), ADD DATE(DAY, 0, GET DATE()), 101), 1,2),@DAY = SUBSTRING(CONVERT(CHAR(10),DATEADD(DAY, 0, GETDATE()),101),4,2),@YEAR = SUBSTRING(CONVERT(CHAR(10),DATEADD(DAY, 4, GETDATE()),101),7,4)SELECT @HOUR is equivalent to SUBSTRING(CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), 109),13,2),@MINUTES = SUBSTRING(CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), 109),16,2),@SECONDS = SUBSTRING(CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), 109),19,2),@AMPM= SUBSTRING(CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), 109),25,2),@DATENOW = CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), 120)set @AUTHID to '000000'set @RESPONSECODE='00'@CHOOSE FILE NAMEDECLARATION @CSRI VARCHAR(4000)DECLARATION @QUERY VARCHAR(8000)DECLARATION @DELPREVFILE VARCHAR(4000)--CREATE APPSET @FILENAME = 'MMS tagged tickets' + @YEAR + @MONTH + @DAY + @HOUR + @MINUTES + @SECONDS + @AMPM + '.xls'SET matches @filegen 'C:'[email protected] @QUERY means 'BCP "EXEC ClaimsProcessDoctorLab.dbo.newProc"'SET = @delprevfile 'del "C:'[email protected]+'"'SET @[email protected] + without query 'C:'[email protected]+'" -c -q -C1252 -Uwebuser -Pw3bu53r -S210.8.0.239MNISQLDB -t "|"'DECLARATION @TOTAL DECIMAL(10,2)DECLARE INTEGER--GET @count CLAIM ACCOUNTSET @COUNT is (SELECT COUNT(A.CLAIMNO) FROM (SELECT c.ClaimNo, c.CardNo, c.PayorCode, c.ProviderCode, p.ProviderName, c.PatientName, c.TotalDue, c.AdmissionDate, b .DateSubmitted , c.TrxnDate, c.AuthorizationCode as SystemTrace, (CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), + 112) CONVERT(VARCHAR, c.ClaimNo)) AS RetrievalNo, @AUTHID as AuthResponseID, @RESPONSECODE AS (DATEDIFF (hour, response code, [email protected])) Approval date, AS ClaimHour claims cINNER JOIN ProviderInfo..[Provider] p on c.ProviderCode = p.ProviderCodeINNER JOIN BatchHeader b on c.BatchNo is b.BatchNo and c.ProviderCode = b.ProviderCodewhere c.ClaimStatus is '99' and b.Status = 'CLOSED' and also b.BatchStatus = 'PAID') where A.ClaimHour >=8);IF @TOTAL is NULLTO BEGIN    SET @TOTAL is 0ENDIF (@COUNT > 0)to begin   --Look for the previously generated text file (but delete it if there is one)    Master EXEC..xp_cmdshell @DELPREVFILE    -- Drag the date and fill in the text file    Masterexec..xp_cmdshell @CSRIEND--SEND ORDER BY E-MAILDECLARATION @EMAILBODY VARCHAR(6000)-- IF THERE IS A PULL REQUESTSET @SUBJECTDATE = 'ClaimsTaggedInMMS ha + ' - ' + @MONTH + '/' + @DAY + '/' + @YEAR + ' woul + @HOUR + ':' + @MINUTES + ':' + @SECONDS + ' Me + @AMPMIF (@COUNT > 0)TO BEGIN    SET @EMAILBODY includes ''+ 'Dear Sir or Madam, '+ '

    '+ 'These are the winners of the complaint, marked in MMS.'+ '

    ' SET @EMAILBODY = @EMAILBODY +' '+'Total: '+''+CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),@COUNT)+''+'

    ' SET @emailbody implies @emailbody +' '+' Regards '+'
    ' SET @emailbody implies @emailbody +' '+'System Admineditor '+'

    ' SET @emailbody is equal to @emailbody +' '+''+ ' This email was generated by the system. Do not reply to this letter. '+'' msdb exec.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @profile_name = 'ClaimsTaggedInMMS' --'PL_mailprofile' , @recipient = N'[email protected];' , = @blind_copy_recipients N'[email protected]' , @file_attachments= @FILEGEN , @subject implies @SUBJECTDATE , @body means @emailbody - @body_format means N'HTML'END-- NO REQUEST TO EXTRACTIF (@COUNT is 0)TO BEGIN SET @emailbody = ''+ 'Dear Sir or Madam, '+ '

    '+ 'No work no' was marked in MMS.'+ '

    ' @emailbody pair = @emailbody +' '+'Total: '+'0'+'

    ' @emailbody set = @emailbody +' '+' Regards '+'
    ' @emailbody set = @emailbody +' '+'System Administrator '+'

    ' @emailbody set = @emailbody +' '+''+ ' This email was generated by the system. Don't talk about it by email. '+'' msdb exec.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @profile_name = 'ClaimsTaggedInMMS' --'PL_mailprofile' - @recipient = N'[email protected];' , @blind_copy_recipients means N'[email protected]' , @subject is equal to @SUBJECTDATE , @body = @body of email . @body_format= N'HTML'END

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